Own a Franchise


More than just another "opportunity"

Franchises available June 2010.

Be the first in your area to offer low or no cost
energy opportunities in your newly-built homes and commercial buildings.

Imagine the potential of offering affordable homes built with the latest technology in renewable energy.


New home construction
Existing homes
Supplimental power

In this down economy you need every advantage possible.  

This is the competitive edge you've been looking for; the chance to offer your clients an opportunity to eliminate their power bills, and in many cases even offset their mortgage payments. 

The franchise package offers:

Design specs
Access to renewable technologies
Installation procedures
Application tools
Unparalleled pricing
Marketing tools
Site-specific c
A growing name brand
...and much more

Give us a call, and in just a few minutes you'll learn how Energy Neutral can take your company into the future of home building.

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